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Jay Howard's Driver Development

JHDD Kart Team

Jay Howard's JHDD Logo

Jay's mission is to mentor young drivers to prepare them for the top levels of the motorsport ladder. The core of this program is the ability to take expertise gained and success experienced throughout his career and translate it back into the coaching experience to fine-tune each drivers particular skill set.

From corner entry to throttle and brake modulation, overtaking to how to get the best jump off the start of a race and avoid accidents, Jay is able to pass down many secrets gathered from a career which started in 1988 at the age of 7.

There are few who can offer this type of detailed coaching and even fewer that have the ability to verbalize their expectations to their protégés. This level of translation and detail is just one example of what sets Jay apart from other coaches.

The JHDD Kart Team is an extremely professional race team that has a different approach to it's competition. From building confidence in the drivers, to racing lines and more, our primary focus is on driver development, taking driver coaching to a different level. Along with developing the driver, the JHDD team also makes sure their drivers have the very best equipment. From picking the right chassis manufacture, engine manufacturer, engine tuner/builder to finding the right tuner, JHDD builds a package specifically for each individuals needs.

Regardless of the chassis manufacture, all team drivers run the JHDD livery, from custom graphic kits, to FreeM race suits and other team wear and accessories, Jay requires drivers to support the JHDD brand.

Trackside Services

Arrive & Drive

JHDD offers full turn key arrive and drive programs, the driver can travel to the race event, bring their kit bag and JHDD will handle everything on the drivers behalf. JHDD is very flexible when putting programs together for their drivers, some drivers own and transport their equipment to the races, just utilize the tent space services that JHDD offers. Some drivers prefer the turn key arrive and drive program. JHDD offers both these services and everything between. Every package is custom built.

JHDD assists it's drivers when purchasing equipment, make sure they make no mistakes and buy the correct items, plus assist with discounts.

Jay in a lead/follow session

Private Test Sessions

Private test sessions are also available through JHDD. There is nothing better, as a developing driver, than to have your coach on the circuit with you during a session. This concept is the basis of private sessions within the JHDD program. Sessions generally begin with a shakedown and evaluation of the driver's proficiency with the equipment setup and circuit layout. Once areas of improvement are defined, Jay will focus the driver on improving each area, one at a time.

Throughout the session Jay will be on-track visually analysing the progress or hop into a kart/car of his own for a lead/follow session to assist the drivers by showing them the proper throttle/braking technique or racing line to utilize.

The true advantage to private testing is having the ability to stop and review various points on the circuit without interference from other drivers. This exclusivity allows Jay to fully massage techniques such as: corner entry and exit and when to brake or get back on the throttle. Repitition is the best form of learning and having exclusive rights to the facilities allows for optimal track time and the ability to run an unlimited amount of laps. This is the type of repitition needed to master the skills needed to get on the podium and beyond.

Data Analysis

Data analysis services, which are included in the team program, but also offered as an individual service as well. For developing drivers, the ability to understand what is happening with their kart/car is vitally important in terms of how to set the kart/car up for maximum performance. As part of the JHDD program, drivers are introduced to a technical debrief which replicates that of professional engineering debriefs which take place with top-level IndyCar and F1 teams. As every driver learns differently and progresses at various levels, each driver in the JHDD program has a tailored focus set by Jay to ensure they getting the maximum benefit from the program. A variety of mediums, including on-board video footage, data logger analysis and whiteboards with track map drawings, are used during debriefs to explain to the drivers and help the drivers explain out to Jay the strengths and weaknesses of the sessions.

Data Analysis Setup

Topics discussed during a driving debrief range from the proper racing lines to utilize on-track, to the proper places on the circuit to overtake. These debriefs help the drivers become better 'racers' by analysing their race performance and choices during a race. Sometimes it's teaching where to be more patient, while others it may take charge and be aggressive. Each individual is unique and requires slightly different coaching. Coupled with the data gathered, there is no better way to review driver performance.

Younger drivers may not always be able to translate and understand how their driving techniques can impact their performance or whether a setup change actually made a difference in their performance. During the technical debrief Jay can explain in detail what is happening on the track by combining video footage with performance graphs to determine the gains made from a particular session. Whether it is understanding exactly what is happening from a driving point of view, or whether it's from the technical side in terms of chassis handling/performance, Jay can diagnose and help fine-tune not only the driver, but the entire package.

Understanding how to accurately read data is one of the most important part of being a successful driver. With the knowledge and experience Jay has gathered from his professional career, this understanding can be easily achieved. From karting to IndyCar, Jay offers the complete package if your aspirations are to become a professional driver.

Jay is also available to hire on a daily/weekend basis for other coaching opportunities, please contact for more details.

Management Services

Contract Negotiation

Being an active professional driver, Jay has a thorough understanding of the driver marketpace and a solid, personal relationsip with many team owners in various professional series. From what cars/teams may be available, to the rate for driver compensation, Jay has the expertise to determine and negotiate a driver's market value and to ensure a good fit with a race team and/or sponsor.

Financial Management

Jay has a long-standing relationship with several major accounting firms that provides his clients with best bookkeeping and asset management services available. He also offers strategic planning for the driver's future, in terms of smart investing and what the future holds beyond his/her racing career.

Business Development

Putting companies together with mutual benefits, using racing as platform. A win, win for everyone involved.

Drivers Brand

Racing drivers are brands. This concept is often overlooked by many drivers and teams. Jay consults with the driver to create a strategic brand identity that will engage fans, media, corporate sponsors and their consumers to find the right fit, as every driver has their own unique brand.


Jay markets his drivers to relevant and targeted companies for personal endorsement and team sponsorship relationships that enhance his driver's career and earning potential.

Website/Social Media

Jay works with his drivers to build a unique website tailored to their own brand identity. An active online presence enhances a drivers marketability and provides a platform for interactive communication and social networking. A social media platform is created and branded alongside the website to allow for the driver to interact with his/her fans. This interaction is critical in building and maintining a solid fanbase.

Media Relations & Driver Appearances

The media provides a window to the world. Jay will consult with his drivers on public relations, driver appreances, and media opportunities. Media training is offered to those drivers seeking further experience, and press releases are provided at times outside of team or sponsor involvement. Jay works closely with arguably the best agency in the business to maximize media exposure.

Corporate Sponsorship

With such a history in the sport and an insider’s presence, companies look to Jay to steer them into motorsports by aligning them with a driver, team, and sponsorship program that best fits their brand and objectives.

Sponsorship Management & Negotiation

Jay's relationships with drivers, team owners, manufacturers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies make him one of the most experienced in the sport. Jay has the experience to make sure all parties get what they are looking for out of racing and more.


In today's world marketing executives are under immense pressure to get the maximum Return on Investment on the dollars they spend. Jay has a unique perspective on how to measure the Rerturn on Investment in motorsports gained through the years of experience working on his own racing career. There is a goal that many people miss in motorsport and Jay can offer a unique outlook that delivers the maximum Return on Investment for sponsors.

Driver Appearances

Jay works with his clients on driver appearances. Tapping into years of experience, and working closely with a long time partner, Jay maximizes the experience for all parties.