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F4 United States Championship
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In 2013, the The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) saw the need for an entry into open-wheel racing for graduates of disciplines such as Karting, but at a lower expense than Formula 3. This new category, Formula 4, was created to meet that need.

Since that announcement, officially sanctioned F4 Championships have appeared throughout the world, and now, we are pleased to announce the creation of the F4 United States Championship certified by FIA.

SCCA Pro Racing contracted with the FIA to sanction the F4 Championship in the United States, and earlier this year, the SCCA solicited proposals for engine, tire, and chassis partners. The SCCA’s goal was to create a competitive, exciting, and affordable series for participants.

After a thorough review, the chosen partners are: Honda (engines), Pirelli (tires), and Crawford Composites (chassis). The United States F4 Championship will commence in 2016.

Each partner has committed to the F4 concept, the production and supply of homologated equipment, field support, competitive pricing, and marketing and media support.

The F4 chassis is a modern, robust, and highly capable chassis that is conducive to exceptional performance at various engine power levels. Both the engine and chassis will meet FIA homologation requirements.

About the F4 JHDD Team
The F4 JHDD program has shown success immediately upon debut

Driver Development are the key words. F4 is recognized as the first step from karts to cars, and who better to help you as a driver to develop as a driver than veteran IndyCar driver Jay Howard and his team of experts. Whether you are a young driver aspiring to be the next F1/IndyCar/Sports Car Pro, or a more seasoned driver looking for the highest level of support, JHDD is the place to be.

The JHDD team was set up with a focus of providing the very best race team in the junior ranks of open wheel racing. Jay is giving back to the sport he dearly loves, teaching his drivers the secrets of winning race, championships and being leaders. Jay's resume is full of championship titles and accolades. Passing this knowledge onto his drivers and watching them develop is a passion of his.

Jay has worked hard to put the best people around him and his program, from ex-F1/IndyCar engineers, mechanics and drivers, to the latest technology and software to separate JHDD from the rest. Jay has purposely built a program of such elitism, in order to best prepare his drivers short term and long term. No matter what the drivers goals are, JHDD delivers.

JHDD utilizes a former IndyCar 53' transporter that has a state of the art tent, private drivers lounge with A/C and full hospitality area for sponsors and parents. JHDD strives to be the most professional outfit in the F4 paddock.

Trackside Services
JHDD F4 cars are prepared with utmost quality and attention to detail

JHDD offers a couple of options for it's drivers. Full arrive and drive programs that are all inclusive, the driver turns up with their kit bag and JHDD handles everything on the drivers behalf, no hassle, no problems, just focus on driving. Second option is where the drivers purchase their own car, JHDD, stores, services, maintains, prepares, tunes, transports, trackside services/support, engineering services, driver coaching, mechanic services, an exact replica program of the arrive and drive, only the driver owns the car instead of leasing from the team.

Included in the program, items such as; professionally prepared race car, trackside spares and support, intense off season test program where team owner Jay Howard will help develop the car, set the car up, set lap time goals for his drivers which include the unique opportunity to study Jay's data and onboard video to see where the time can be found. The teams ability to put Jay in the car at any given point gives the team a distinct advantage, it is a critical asset in itself, something that again separates the team from the rest. More services include hospitality, custom team apparel, custom made race suit, custom bead seat, data analysis, video analysis, extensive education on helping the drivers understand the changes being made and what to expect, technical advice, all tires, entry fees, race fuel, brake pads, everything needed for the car to run, we cover this for you.

Management Services

Contract Negotiation

Being an active professional driver, Jay has a thorough understanding of the driver marketpace and a solid, personal relationsip with many team owners in various professional series. From what cars/teams may be available, to the rate for driver compensation, Jay has the expertise to determine and negotiate a driver's market value and to ensure a good fit with a race team and/or sponsor.

Financial Management

Jay has a long-standing relationship with several major accounting firms that provides his clients with best bookkeeping and asset management services available. He also offers strategic planning for the driver's future, in terms of smart investing and what the future holds beyond his/her racing career.

Business Development

Putting companies together with mutual benefits, using racing as platform. A win, win for everyone involved.

Drivers Brand

Racing drivers are brands. This concept is often overlooked by many drivers and teams. Jay consults with the driver to create a strategic brand identity that will engage fans, media, corporate sponsors and their consumers to find the right fit, as every driver has their own unique brand.


Jay markets his drivers to relevant and targeted companies for personal endorsement and team sponsorship relationships that enhance his driver's career and earning potential.

Website/Social Media

Jay works with his drivers to build a unique website tailored to their own brand identity. An active online presence enhances a drivers marketability and provides a platform for interactive communication and social networking. A social media platform is created and branded alongside the website to allow for the driver to interact with his/her fans. This interaction is critical in building and maintining a solid fanbase.

Media Relations & Driver Appearances

The media provides a window to the world. Jay will consult with his drivers on public relations, driver appreances, and media opportunities. Media training is offered to those drivers seeking further experience, and press releases are provided at times outside of team or sponsor involvement. Jay works closely with arguably the best agency in the business to maximize media exposure.

Corporate Sponsorship

With such a history in the sport and an insider’s presence, companies look to Jay to steer them into motorsports by aligning them with a driver, team, and sponsorship program that best fits their brand and objectives.

Sponsorship Management & Negotiation

Jay's relationships with drivers, team owners, manufacturers, tracks, and sanctioning bodies make him one of the most experienced in the sport. Jay has the experience to make sure all parties get what they are looking for out of racing and more.


In today's world marketing executives are under immense pressure to get the maximum Return on Investment on the dollars they spend. Jay has a unique perspective on how to measure the Rerturn on Investment in motorsports gained through the years of experience working on his own racing career. There is a goal that many people miss in motorsport and Jay can offer a unique outlook that delivers the maximum Return on Investment for sponsors.

Driver Appearances

Jay works with his clients on driver appearances. Tapping into years of experience, and working closely with a long time partner, Jay maximizes the experience for all parties.